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what we do

Reflective Dialogue by Reinhard & Schorp

In times of change, we need a new resilient type of manager. One who can do without hubris and narcissism - the kind of character that’s able to reflect on themselves. What we need now are grown-up leaders brave enough to tackle tomorrow’s challenges with a meaningful, value-oriented approach. Yes, the economy’s growth is important - but what matters more is how it is achieved. And that is a question of ethics.

We offer you a dialogue at eye level. Our Reflective Dialogue is an interview tool for the upper management level, for managers who want to gain an in-depth-insight into their personalities as well as individual values and motives that impact on daily business - and the company as a whole. We’ll challenge you individually or in a seminar group by means of strictly no-bullshit combining the wisdom of both philosophy and psychology. Are you ready to critically review yourself and your management attitude beyond the usual appraisal questions? Then join us for the most interesting internal journey yet. For more resilience. For greater success.

„Vorsprung durch Reflexion"

interviews - talks - workshops for individuals, teams, companies

What is the benefit?

  • RESILIENCE: Philosophical reflection gives you more resilience, resistance to stress and crisis expertise in fast-changing situations
  • Future Ability: Philosophical reflection opens up for new visions, perspectives and action alternatives, beyond the well-known and familiar ones. 
  • Balance between Agility and Stability: Philosophical reflection consolidates your inner stance and value orientation for pragmatic and flexible leading decisions in the VUCA world.
  • Increased Efficiency: Philosophical reflection breaks up action-reaction patterns that have become rigid and slow through habit.
  • Enhanced Image and Solidified Reputation: Philosophical reflection strengthens your moral sense as well as your insight into different aspects of emotions - the basis for confident (self-)management and credibility. 
who we are

Dr. Rebekka Reinhard has earned her PhD from Free University Berlin with a work on contemporary American and continental philosophy ("summa cum laude").

She has worked as a philosophical counselor for individual clients as well as for in-patients suffering from depression at the clinic of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and for oncological patients. Since 2007, she has been coaching and training managers and giving key note speeches for companies and global corporations. An editor at the German magazine HOHE LUFT, she’s also well-known for her essays and interviews with famous philosophers such as Judith Butler or Simon Blackburn.

Rebekka Reinhard is the bestselling author of many books on philosophy, including „Die Sinn-Diät“, „Würde Platon Prada tragen?“ („Would Plato Wear Prada?“) and „Kleine Philosophie der Macht (nur für Frauen)“ („Small Philosophy of Power: for Women Only“)

An expert psychologist with an entrepreneurial mindset, Stephanie Schorp has many years of experience in executive recruiting and developing for leadership positions.

She draws on her experience in strategic and operational HR management from both corporate level and managerial positions in a medium-sized insurance company as well as in HR consulting Stephanie Schorp holds degrees in psychology and economics, has numerous qualifications in the fields of leadership and change management and is a certified management coach by the German Coaching Association.

Seven years ago she joined Comites perfect placement GmbH - an international executive search company specialized in high-level management and top-management positions. Today she runs the company as a managing partner together with the founder Andreas Föller. The company is based in Munich and has four different locations worldwide with a team of 30 people.


Wer führt hier eigentlich wen? Wie? Und wohin?

»Management bedeutet, die Dinge richtig zu tun. Führung heißt, die richtigen Dinge zu tun«, lautet ein berühmter Satz des Grand Doyen der Managementtheorie Peter Drucker (1909–2005). Gute Leader:innen vereinen heute beides. Ein Text von Rebekka Reinhard, erschienen in "HOHE LUFT KOMPAKT".

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